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"Card store"
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Faction Neutral
Rarity Unspecified
Type Unspecified
Species Unspecified
Cost 0
Attack 0
Defense 0

This template defines the table "Cards". View table.

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This template stores data for cards in the Cards table, automatically categories the articles it is used on, and, by default, displays an infobox using {{Card infobox}}.

Important note: This template should only be used on the article specifically for the given card. To display an infobox without storing or automatically categorization, use Card infobox instead.


{{Card store


  • name: Optional. Specify only when the card name is different than the article name.
  • image: The file name of the card image. Don't include the File: namespace prefix.
  • faction: Optional. Federation or Klingon unless the card is neutral, in which case this need not be specified.
  • flagship: Optional. Normally only for core cards; don't specify for other cards. Specify the flagship by its article name here.
    • Multiple flagships may be specified by separating each with backslashes \.
  • stars: The rarity of the card as specified by the number of stars in numeric form.
  • type: The type of the card, typically Crew, Ship, or Event.
  • species: The species identified on the card, usually below the portrait. Ignored for event cards, required for others.
  • cost: Optional. The cost in numeric form. Assumes 0 if not specified.
  • attack: Optional. The attack value of the card in numeric form. Ignored for event cards; for other cards, assumes 0 if not specified.
  • defense: Optional. The defense value of the card in numeric form. Ignored for event cards; for other cards, assumes 0 if not specified.
  • mechanics: The card's mechanics, or keywords, identified in the effect.
    • Applicable mechanics show up to the side when hovering over them in the deck editor.
    • Core cards are more of a judgment call: italicized words are usually apply to the card, but sometimes they just distinguish what the effect applies to rather than the card actually having that mechanic.
    • Multiple mechanics should be separated by commas ,.
  • effect: Optional. The card's effect.
    • ParserPower escape sequences are allowed here. The infobox will automatically unescape them, while the text is stored in the Cards table unescaped.
    • Please use \n for line breaks, not ^lt;br> or literal new lines, as new lines are not handled the same in every template.
  • playable: Optional. Assumes yes.
    • yes means this card can end up in the player's hand, or otherwise can come under player control, such as a deployed ship.
  • collectible: Optional. Assumes yes.
    • yes means this card can be in a player's deck or is a core card of a playable flagship.
  • tags: Any words or phrases that convey some useful information about the card. They are stored and can be used as query conditions, and are also shown in the infobox.
    • Multiple tags should be separated by commas ,.
  • hiddentags: Same as tags, and stored in the same field, but aren't shown in the infobox.
  • Special parameters:
    • is_core: Optional and should generally not be used. When not specified, the infobox will automatically determine this by whether a flagship is specified or not. Thus, this should only be used in the unexpected cases that a non-core card has one or more flagships or a core card lacks flagships; then, specify yes or no as appropriate.
    • infobox: Optional. Specify no to suppress the infobox.
    • categorize: Optional. Specify no to suppress automatic categorization.


Important note: example below shows the output of Card infobox instead to avoid adding an unwanted row to the Cards table, but the visible output is identical to that of {{Card store}}.

"Jean-Luc Picard"
No image yet
Faction Federation
Rarity Legendary
Type Crew
Species Human
Cost 4
Attack 1
Defense 1
Play: Give all friendly ships +1/+2 and Guardian.
{{Card store
  |name=Jean-Luc Picard
  |effect=''Play:'' Give all friendly ships +1/+2 and ''Guardian''.