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"Sovereign Class"
Sovereign Class.jpg
Faction Federation
Restore 1 Hit Point, and give +2 Hit Points to target friendly ship.
Give all friendly ships +1/+2 and Guardian.
CP cost 390
Latinum cost 2000

The Sovereign Class is a Flagship is Star Trek Adversaries.

Core Cards[]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
Olympic Class Medical Ship Federation Sovereign Class 2 Ship 2 1 3 Guardian, Play: Give target friendly ship +1/+1.
Warp Power Transfer Federation Sovereign Class 2 Event 1 Restore 4 Hit Points to target friendly ship.
Maintenance Teams Federation Sovereign Class 3 Event 3 Give all friendly ships with Guardian +1/+1.
Nebula Class Escort Federation Sovereign Class 3 Ship 4 3 5 Guardian, Play: Gain 5 Auxiliary Power.
Fleet Reconnaissance Federation Sovereign Class 4 Event 2 Draw two random ships with an Energy cost of 4 or less and Guardian.
USS Trident NCC-31347 Federation Sovereign Class 4 Ship 6 3 7 Guardian, When a friendly ship takes damage, gain +1 Attack.
Hold the Line Federation Sovereign Class 5 Event 6 Summon two "Nebula Class Escorts".
USS Independence NCC-90346 Federation Sovereign Class 5 Ship 8 7 8 Guardian, Core Breach: Deal 2 damage to all enemy ships.