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"Qugh Destroyer"
Qugh Destroyer.jpg
Faction Klingon
Give target friendly ship +2 Attack and Trample.
Give all friendly ships with Trample +3 Attack.
CP cost 280
Latinum cost 130

The Qugh Destroyer is a Flagship is Star Trek Adversaries.

Core Cards[]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
Bird of Prey Wingleader Klingon Qugh Destroyer 2 Ship 2 2 2 Cloaking Device, Trample, Give adjacent ships +1 Attack.
Disruptor Upgrade Klingon Qugh Destroyer 2 Event 2 Give target friendly ship with Trample +3 Attack until end of turn.
Lust for Battle Klingon Qugh Destroyer 3 Event 3 Target friendly ship with Trample gains Jamming.
Qatlh Destroyer Klingon Qugh Destroyer 3 Ship 4 4 2 Haste and Trample.
Even the Odds Klingon Qugh Destroyer 4 Event 4 Deal 3 damage to all enemy ships.
IKS De'Garaz Klingon Qugh Destroyer 4 Ship 5 4 2 Cloaking Device and Trample, Play: Reduce target enemy ship Hit Points to 1.
For Kahless! Klingon Qugh Destroyer 5 Event 6 Give +5 Attack to target friendly ship with Trample until end of turn.
IKS Kah'Lar Klingon Qugh Destroyer 5 Ship 6 5 3 Cloaking Device and Trample, Give adjacent ships +2 Attack.