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Card mechanics are common behavior or effects found on many cards in Star Trek Adversaries and which are identified by a keyword.

List of mechanics

  • Play: An effect is triggered when this ship/crew is played.
  • Disable: Disabled ships cannot attack or retreat. (Effect ends after 1 full turn.)
  • Retreat: Activate an effect when you use this ship's action or an effect to leave the battlefield (in addition to refunding its current energy cost.)
  • Core Breach: An effect is triggered when this ship or the ship the crew was placed upon is destroyed.
  • Guardian: Enemies must attack a ship with guardian first (if able.)
  • Bloodthirst: An effect is triggered when this ship enters a damaged state. (This activates only once when the ship is first damaged, but can be refreshed once the ship is set to an undamaged state again.)
  • Haste: May attack the turn it is played.
  • Modulating Shields: A shield that absorbs all incoming damage and is then consumed.
  • Stealth: Cannot be targeted by opponent's effects, play effects, or attacks while Stealthed. (Though it can still be affected by effects that target "All/All Enemy" ships.)
  • Overkill: When this ship destroys its target, the remaining damage is dealt to the enemy Flagship. (Does not trigger on Modulating shields as all the damage was prevented.)
  • Commander: When the Command slot on this ship is filled, an effect is triggered. (Note: This ONLY refers to the "Command" slot which is blue and on the left side of the ship and not the "Engineering" slot which is yellow and on the right side of the ship.)
  • Cloaking Device: If this ship takes no action this turn, return to Stealth.
  • Jamming: Take no return fire damage when attacking enemy ships. (Damage incurred from effects like "Core Breach" can still damage attacking ships.)
  • Neutralize: All effects, buffs, and attack/health increases from the card and the crew on this ship are negated. (Note: This doesn't retroactively remove "Play" effects, but it can negate the benefits of those effects on the "Neutralized" ship.)
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