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Disambig.png This article is about the Flagship. For the card, see Jach Class (card).
"Jach Class"
Jach Class.jpg
Faction Klingon
Summon a "Batlh Recon" - 1/3: When this ship takes damage, gain +5 Auxiliary Power
Deal 4 damage to all Undamaged Ships.
CP cost 130
Latinum cost 280

The Jach Class is a Flagship is Star Trek Adversaries.

Core Cards[]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
DaSpu Recon Klingon Jach Class 2 Ship 2 2 2 Play: Deal 1 damage to target. Bloodthirst: +2 Attack.
Pain Sticks Klingon Jach Class 2 Event 0 Deal 1 damage to target friendly ship, then give it +1 Hit Point.
Change of Command Klingon Jach Class 3 Event 3 Deal 1 damage to target ship, then give it Jamming.
Jach Destroyer Klingon Jach Class 3 Ship 3 3 4 Bloodthirst: Summon a "Jach Destroyer".
IKS Che'tok Klingon Jach Class 4 Ship 5 5 4 Cloaking Device, Play: Deal 1 damage to ALL ships.
Veteran's Edge Klingon Jach Class 4 Event 4 Deal 4 damage to all Undamaged ships.
IKS Meg'tar Klingon Jach Class 5 Ship 6 5 5 Cloaking Device, Play: Add a "Jach Destroyer" to your hand.
Retribution Klingon Jach Class 5 Event 3 Give +4/+4 to target friendly damaged ship.