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"Defiant Class"
Defiant Class.jpg
Faction Federation
Summon a "Self Replicating Mine": 1/1 - End of your turn, summon a "Self Replicating Mine". Core Breach: Deal 2 damage to the enemy Flagship.
Give all friendly ships: All Core Breach effects trigger twice.
CP cost 390
Latinum cost 2800

The Defiant Class is a Flagship is Star Trek Adversaries.

Core Cards[]

Name Faction Flagship Stars Type Cost Atk Def Effect
Disabling Strike Federation Defiant Class 2 Event 2 Deal 2 damage to a friendly ship and 2 to a random enemy ship.
Prototype Runabout Federation Defiant Class 2 Ship 2 2 2 Core Breach: Summon a "Self-Replicating Mine".
Advanced Maneuvers Federation Defiant Class 3 Event 4 All friendly ships gain +2 Attack until end of turn.
Defiant Class Prototype Federation Defiant Class 3 Ship 3 3 4 When a friendly ship is destroyed, deal 1 damage to the enemy Flagship.
Magnetic Mines Federation Defiant Class 4 Event 3 Deal 3 damage to ALL ships.
USS San Paulo NCC-75633 Federation Defiant Class 4 Ship 5 4 2 Cloaking Device, Core Breach: Summon two "Self Replicating Mines".
Deploy the Mines Federation Defiant Class 5 Event 4 Summon four "Self Replicating Mines"s.
USS Venture NCC-71854 Federation Defiant Class 5 Ship 7 6 5 Guardian, Give adjacent ships +1 Attack.